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Allen Lewis

In my meanderings I recently came across the work of Allen Lewis. He's an illustrator from around 1920, and he's awesome. He's particularly interesting to me because of his aesthetic similarity to Beardsley, and for his incredible typography.

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Captain Bogg Cards, Revised

I just recently pulled out the Captain Bogg & Salty card game I had prototyped many years ago, and gave it a couple of playthroughs. Here are some recent revisions: Version 2 on the way -- see data below.

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Aotearoa and Call of Cthulhu

I've been living in Aotearoa New Zealand for about two and half years now. It's an amazing place. I've been learning about the country, the people, and its history. It's a complex place, filled with contradictions. Much like the US, it was colonized by the British, it's indigenous peoples subjugated…

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Robert Orme

I recently came across this video of Robert Orme: Robert Orme was my Art History teacher in high school. I was the only person in my year who wanted to take the subject, but he was willing to tutor me one-on-one. He was brutal. He was the teacher who held…

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