Things I Hate About Flash

I don't hate easily. I'm usually a very forgiving and nice person. I use Flash every day for work, however, and there are things I genuinely hate about it. Maybe someone working at Adobe might read this, give a little pitying laugh, and fix them. But I doubt it.

  • Undo. What nonsense. Half the time it crashes, the other half it takes forever to do whatever it is that it's doing.
  • Non-standard dialogs and text entry fields. Seriously -- use standards, where cmd-. cancels, and tab or return enters the values.
  • Shape hints. It gives you the impression of functionality, without actually giving you the functionality.
  • Shape tweens in general. What's up with the random ease values?
  • The timeline is a nasty piece of work.

There are many, many more problems with Flash. I might add to this list later, but for now I needed to get that off my chest. I hope, lord I hope, that Adobe fixes some of the crap in Flash while they add their selling points for the next release.