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Things I Hate About Flash

I don't hate easily. I'm usually a very forgiving and nice person. I use Flash every day for work, however, and there are things I genuinely hate about it. Maybe someone working at Adobe might read this, give a little pitying laugh, and fix them. But I doubt it. There…

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So, I've been working at this animation company here in town. Its been pretty good; what I thought was an animation job turned out to be more of a producer/checker job, and that was okay. But now its turning into more of a techie job, looking into switches and routers…

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Not Anymore

Well, I am on a temporary "sabbatical" from PNCA... at least from the Technician side of things. I start teaching "Flash Animation" next week, which will be a lot of fun. The last time I taught the class was for teenagers, which was a very cool and uniquely challenging experience.

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