Ruby Rocket Wrap-up

So Sam Niemann's short film Ruby Rocket is done. I helped out with colouring and export, and general technical stuff. He started using ToonBoom a little as well, and pointed out the "Paint Unpainted" tool to me. Its great. It takes care of the "Assign unpainted to colour" wish from the previous post. It was a good experience to use ToonBoom in a production that was based on hand-drawn cels, and what I would like to try next is to use ToonBoom for:

  1. frame-by-frame animation, drawn directly into ToonBoom
  2. cut-out character animation, using ToonBoom's kinematics.

But while I'm working for Renegade Animation, I won't have too much time to really explore. And boy, I wish the ToonBoom documentation was better.

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