Recording and Equalization

I've been involved with the making of records for a while now. I have three CDs I've played on. But I still have little idea how to record well —usually we had an engineer like Jeff Saltzman performing magic at the console.

Recently I've been trying to record on my own, and failing. One thing that I just don't get is equalization. I think I get what it's meant to do: carve out frequencies for each instrument. I just suck at it.

On the visual side if things, I equate it to color balancing, or manipulating the pixels based on the Histogram. I can read histograms like nobody's business. I can see when an image has a bad black point, or a color cast. But I just can't translate that knowledge to the audio world. Maybe my ears just aren't very good right now.

Any tips on EQ gratefully accepted.