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Robert Smithson's "Entropy and the New Monuments"

Robert Smithson, most notable for the "Spiral Jetty", was also a prolific essayist on contemporary art – "Entropy and the New Monuments" (1966) being one of the most well-known. In it he criticizes a wide swath of sculptors and artists of the time – Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Sol LeWitt,…

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Alex Mackin Dolan – Sun Cycle Limit

So for the Contemporary Criticism class in my MFA program at PNCA, I had to write a review of a show from the TBA13 festival. I couldn't go to a lot of the late-night shows, some of which I'm really bummed to have missed. For my review I chose a…

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Brutally Awesome Article

Jerry Saltz on Art’s Insidious New Cliché: Neo-Mannerism I appreciate how he takes not only the artist, but the educator and curator to task.

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Band Idea #32

Per AnnumCover band. Each show is a set of songs from one decade. The audience doesn't know what decade each show will be.

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Voice Acting

In my work with both game development and contract animation, I often find myself in a position where I have to argue for paying for voice acting. For some reason, clients seem to feel that voice acting is something anyone can do ("can't you just do it?"), or that it's…

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