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I'm Senior Lecturer in Game Development at Massey University's Creative Media Production degree in Wellington, New Zealand. My research is in interactive narrative, game design, and emergent/procedural behaviours.

In my past life I was also a professional traditional and digital animator and illustrator, and I still have a great fondness for those arts. I try to keep my chops up where I can.


Initial Impressions

First impressions of the application, from user interface to documentation. I purchased the download version, and did not receive any packaging or paper documentation. The pdf documentation has a nice table of contents, which is very useful. Also useful are the "See Also" listings at the end of each section,…

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I have been animating professionally in Flash for seven years, and know my way around the Flash environment. It is, by far, the most popular application to use; however it has never been a great environment, with awkward setups and animation, glitchy interfaces, etc. Of late, the new versions have…

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Back Again

I have had to recreate this blog due to technical difficulties. Its now using Blogger as the publishing engine. We'll see if it works well. One immediate benefit is that I can now upload photos, and link to other Blogger people.

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