Over the last eight years I have been teaching digital art, animation, game design and coding. It's tremendously rewarding. I've taught at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, the Art Institute of Portland, and I am currently Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand.


My own academic background is deeply rooted in Liberal Arts. Starting with my schooling at Latymer Upper School in England, and tempered at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and capped with an MFA from PNCA, my direct experience of education has been broad, rigorous, and holistic. It is my intention to provide that same approach in my own teaching.

The classes I teach cover a wide range of experience, from absolute beginner classes all the way to leading final graduating group projects. I tailor my approach to individual classes and to the students that compromise them. My role as teacher changes: in introductory classes my approach is decidedly sophistic, questioning preconceived notions and ideas, trying to prepare the students to open their minds; in intermediate classes I focus on skillsets and practical knowledge; in the advanced classes, where students have developed a great deal of skill, my approach is trusting and exploratory.

While the majority of the classes I teach are principally technical classes, it is my intention to extend the learning experience beyond the functional knowledge needed. I am able to draw upon my art history background, grounding even the most modern work in a deep historical context; my professional experience as both a programmer and an artist allows me to straddle those disciplines, bringing formal logic to art classes, and a creative flair to programming classes.

Current Curricula

  • Media Creativity & Innovation
  • Crossmedia Production
  • Portfolio & Dissemination
  • Image Manipulation
  • Advanced Image Manipulation and Compositing
  • Introduction to Digital Animation
  • Flash Animation
  • Advanced Flash Animation
  • Tradigital Animation with Harmony
  • Rigged Animation with Harmony
  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Rapid Game Prototyping
  • Advanced Rapid Game Prototyping
  • Game Production Team
  • Game Design & Play: Tabletop Games
  • Worldbuilding for Games