Google Sheets ARRAYFORMULA Headers

I've started using ARRAYFORMULA a lot with my Google Sheets. It's a great way to reference data and do big calculations. But I've been having to add the formula to a separate line, often disguising the line as visual formatting:

There's a formula lurking in there

But I've just come up with a little hack to get around that, so it looks like this instead:

No hidden formula!

Basically you just use curly braces to create an array to add your header onto the arrayformula. Simple! Just remember to delineate with a semicolon so it stacks vertically.

={"Semester";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()+1 &":"& "A" & MATCH("Semester 1",G:G, 0)-1)), ,VLOOKUP(INDIRECT("A" & ROW()+1 &":"& "A" & MATCH("Semester 1",G:G, 0)-1), Courses!A1:C, 3, FALSE)))}

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