I appreciate that one can just start drawing in Toonboom. Sure, it would probably help to know about exposures, Libraries, etc. But for the initial tryout, I want to be able to try out the drawing.

I started with the mouse, and it fared well. Drawing is similar to the brush in Flash -- but only on the surface. This is best described when using the Pen tool. Toonboom offers different pen styles, where the user is able to define the width, pressure, and other variables, and can save the brush for later. Very cool, especially when your animation style has a lot of thick/thin brushwork. Define one brush for wide work, and another one for detail, and away you go. The Wacom support is great... except that my damn Graphire pen nib keeps sticking, and will not stop drawing. Very, very frustrating, but nothing to do with Toonboom. One cool feature is that you can extract the center line from a brush stroke, which can be copied out and used elsewhere.

Again, in the 12-field drawing layout, you can rotate the drawing in 45 degree increments, just like a real animation table. This is very useful if you are drawing directly into Toonboom without any prior scan. Keystrokes for this are a convenient "c" and "v".

Onion skinning is easily turned on for up to three drawings, forward and backward.

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