Captain Bogg Cards, Revised

I just recently pulled out the Captain Bogg & Salty card game I had prototyped many years ago, and gave it a couple of playthroughs. Here are some recent revisions:

  • Being at Port is intrinsically dull, but necessary. Switching to drawing two cards per Port turn accelerates getting to Sea, and switches emphasis to being at Sea.
  • The proportion between food cards and other port cards is off -- need more food.
  • There are too many crew cards -- limit to just original 6 crew members? Others in expansions?
  • Open Water cards are super boring -- limit severely
  • Needs Outgoing and Incoming placemat cards, or some other way of defining a space
  • Needs a Treasure placemat card
  • Sea card enemies are tough
  • The Port food cards should have two purposes -- e.g. food and avoid Scurvy
  • Shanghai card shouldn't be in base set?

Version 2 on the way -- see data below.

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