bundle update --force

So I'm currently running a course for third-year students about how to develop a portfolio. I'm taking a broad, holistic approach to the term "portfolio", going beyond a visual sample of their still work and a show reel. I'm encouraging (forcing) them to consider their overall media presence -- including their contributions to the greater social conversation around their chosen field. So if they are 3d artists, then every week they have to go onto something like Polycount and make a comment, suggestion, critique, or either ask or answer a question.

I've also asked them to start a personal development journal/blog, where weekly they write about the progresses they've made, the issues they've had, etc. In talking about it, I realized that while that was the intention of this blog, I've been pretty poor in keeping up with it. So here is my token effort to practise what I preach.

This week I've been struggling with updating a Rails 4 app to Rails 5, and to get it deployed. I haven't used Rails since 3, and I've found that 5 is far superior in what I would like it to do. Well done, Rails team! I'm about to attempt to implement CarrierWave for image uploads.

I've also been dealing with setting up a render farm with Smedge. The Smedge software itself seems excellent (and developed by a fellow Reedie), but the internal (infernal) University network infrastructure is hellish, so it's not quite there. Unfortunately trying to get a fix involves coordinating about four people to chip in.

I haven't been arting that much -- chipping away at the map postcards, about 3/4 of the way through the ink work. I love it when I do it.

Right, that's about all for now.