Artist Statement

Using the media of modern life – mobile computing, animation, gaming, and social media – my work sets out to explore the boundaries of expression and storytelling in a digital world. I am fascinated with the conflict between the virtual, as created by technology, and the actual; how each informs and negates the other in a constant feedback cycle.

I see our human experience as being increasingly defined by the digital and the cross-pollination of media, our physical limitations surmounted by instant communication and virtual worlds: video games permeate television and film both in advertising, content, and directorial style; consoles are warring to become the center of our living rooms; cell phones are increasingly neither cellular nor phones, their ubiquity and usefulness enable personalization, self-identification, and fashion.

I believe that art can leverage this technology, that it has the potential to reveal truths through these non-traditional means. But this is a new frontier, and the languages and signs are still in process of becoming, and perhaps will never formalize for long enough before another mode of technological experience emerges. There are expectations of art, and of technology, and their overlap is narrow. But perhaps this is a blessing – perhaps, like a computer virus, meaning can infiltrate from unexpected sources, and take the viewer by surprise.