Andrew Bird

Jina and I went to go see Andrew Bird the other day at the Aladdin. Luckily Shawn and Laura were there already, and kindly saved us some seats in the sold-out theatre. A good use of my cell phone. That doesn't exist.

The show was pretty incredible. Not as intimate as the Doug Fir show, but still great. He seems much more confident every time I see him, joking around and dancing. He played the three songs I wanted to hear, and they were excellent. Very different to the recorded versions -- I love the way he evolves his music. Its wonderful to hear him assemble the songs as he goes, which is a fantastic feat... but I was more impressed this time by the throw-away little phrases he would play on the violin or guitar, small glimpes into his virtuosity that are off-the-cuff (he certainly makes it appear so). He was backed by a talented multi-instrumentalist, playing keys and drums at the same time. I didn't catch his name, he was appropriately anonymous. I can't wait for Andrew Bird's next album... the new songs he played sounded interesting.