Film to video game

You know what movie I want to see made into a video game? 2001: A Space Odyssey. First level, you’re a monkey beating other monkeys with a bone. Then you’re on the moon, trying to unlock a monolith. Out of cryo, you’re dealing with spaceship gravity. Operating a probe before HAL closes the bay door. ...

Deleting pegs in Harmony

This is just a little heads up, for anyone interested. In Harmony/Animate etc etc you can hit a little round button to make a peg and associate your current drawing layer with it. Nice. if you disassociate your drawing layer from the peg, the peg disappears from the timeline. BUT That peg still exists in ...

Oh, ToonBoom!

You have to love a company that’s on top of things. After that last little post — which, admittedly was more the shaking of a tiny fist than a real complaint — ToonBoom’s technical support got in touch with me. My hat is off to you, you crazy French Canadian geniuses. Now if only I ...

Oh, Harmony.

I’ve been struggling all morning with exposing (“sharing”) functions in ToonBoom Harmony. For some reason, the app stopped letting me share functions. Also, there is this “Deformation-Switch_Kinematic_Chain_Selection_Reference” nonsense happening in my xSheet. ToonBoom, what’s going on? Ugh.


Just finished up 49 heraldic crests for Kobold Quarterly.

Harmony Write Nodes

With this recent Harmony gig, the studio is compositing in AfterEffects and wants each element rendered out separately. Setting up each scene to have each element have a write node would be a drag, so I whipped up a cheap and nasty little script to add them. It goes something like this: function LH_addWriteNodes() {    ...

Board Games

I’ve just been assigned a new class at the last minute. Next week I have to start teaching board game design. I have zero time to prepare. Anybody out there have a must-play board game?

Big Nerd

Related to the prior post, I’ve also just got my grubby hands on the Big Nerd Ranch iOS Programming Guide. I can’t wait to see how Hillegass and Conway convey the info. As an instructor myself, I’ve always had great respect for their ways. I still have their first Cocoa book. Ahhh, good times.


As a favour to a friend, I’ve started putting together a small iOS app. I decided to go with Sencha Touch 2.0 — an HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript framework. So far, it’s pretty slick. I especially appreciate being able to package the web app as an iOS app without having to tuck into PhoneGap (very worthwhile, but just ...

2011 Game Production Team

A cap from the 2011 Art Institute of Portland Game Production Team. The students had 22 weeks to put together three levels using the UDK. All artwork and design by the students.