So I was involved with the creation of the Midgard fantasy setting from Kobold Enterprises. It was really cool to be involved. I’m continuing with the project by making some maps of specific areas and locations in the world. This is the first one, a town called “Maillon”.I wanted to give a brief overview of ...

Story and Winning

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the future of stories and of games. I’m trying to reconcile the two, and it’s not working. Stories are, well, stories. They recount events and people to evoke an emotional response in their listeners; they educate, illustrate, fascinate and other …ates. They are history, they are factual without ...

Recording and Equalization

I’ve been involved with the making of records for a while now. I have three CDs I’ve played on. But I still have little idea how to record well —usually we had an engineer like Jeff Saltzman performing magic at the console. Recently I’ve been trying to record on my own, and failing. One thing ...

Hell Freezes Over

So I’m in the process of updating this website. I haven’t had a new website since 2011, I figured it was time. I have also collated several blog attempts, including blogger and tumblr. I wouldn’t be surprised if livejournal entries are in here somewhere. It feels like I’ve consolidated my loans. Anyways, I’m still going. ...

Ruby WTF

I just wrote this line in Ruby. It makes my head swim a little. Surely there is a better way of doing this, but I don’t know it.

Harmony Rigs, Part 2

And another from the same production, a ghostly princess.

In-class Animation Sample

Little in-class animation sample.

Board Game Development

So I just wrapped up spring quarter at the Art Institute of Portland. A week before the quarter started, I was suddenly assigned to teach “Game Design and Play”, the board game design class. I had never taught the class before, and although there were some existing syllabuses, there really wasn’t anything to go on. ...

Game Production Team

My current game production team.

More Harmony Notes

Just some notes I’d like to share/remember as I delve into Harmony. I’ll be updating this list as I go. With the auto lip sync, if you’re using a Drawing you should label the phenomes with letters. If you’re using a Symbol, you should label your phenomes with numbers. I like to set Ctl+Shift+D as ...