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Brutally Awesome Article

Jerry Saltz on Art’s Insidious New Cliché: Neo-Mannerism I appreciate how he takes not only the artist, but the educator and curator to task.

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Band Idea #32

Per AnnumCover band. Each show is a set of songs from one decade. The audience doesn't know what decade each show will be.

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Voice Acting

In my work with both game development and contract animation, I often find myself in a position where I have to argue for paying for voice acting. For some reason, clients seem to feel that voice acting is something anyone can do ("can't you just do it?"), or that it's…

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Story and Winning

I've been thinking a lot recently about the future of stories and of games. I'm trying to reconcile the two, and it's not working. Stories are, well, stories. They recount events and people to evoke an emotional response in their listeners; they educate, illustrate, fascinate and other …ates. They are…

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