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A Magic System Proposal

I've just finished reading the Kobold Guide to Magic, and it's very good. I've been inspired to try my hand at developing a system of magic for tabletop games. A system of magic has different components, and for the purposes of this exploration I'm going to approach development from the…

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In class with Jeff Grubb

Last week my Worldbuilding class had the treat of a guest speaker -- Jeff Grubb. He's one of the grandmasters of tabletop roleplaying, and a prolific author. I was pretty excited that he agreed to come down to talk, as I've been playing his games and worlds for almost thirty…

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More Harmony Tutorials

I've been trying to churn out some more tutorials for Toonboom Harmony, and I'll be posting them as I go. Here is the first one -- a simple one, about masking pupils to eyes.

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Games as Art

Here is an ongoing list of articles addressing the issue of whether video games could be considered as art. Playing Games with Art An interesting piece, not to define games as art, but on the position of games in art. Brian Moriarty's Apology for Roger Ebert A very well-written explanation…

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Studio visit with Bean Gilsdorf

I just had a lovely studio visit from Bean Gilsdorf. The process of a studio visit is fascinating -- two people, who probably have never met each other, get together and talk. Things like that should happen with more frequency. And happen across disciplines. We only had half an hour…

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