Aumission, The Lodge 11/13

Aumission, The Lodge 11/13
  Aumission Installation The Lodge Gallery, Portland November 2013.   “Aumission” was an audio soundscape , traversed using a customized Xbox controller. Interleaving historical 8-bit audio and realistic quadraphonic sound, the participant is invited to explore the narrative in an nonvisual game.

Installation, PNCA MFA Installation Space

Installation, PNCA MFA Installation Space
Installation Installation and iOS/Android App Using custom augmented reality techniques, this piece sets out to explore the relationships between people, their devices, and each other. It was actually a very satisfying failure.

On Old-School Gaming

I recently played a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. I was the DM, and didn’t have much time to prepare. It went alright, considering. But it did get me thinking about the flavour of the game – how it’s trying to recapture the vibe of gaming from the 1970s. Which led me to this ...

Audio as Gameplay

For a group show opening in December I am creating an audio experiential game world. In researching my concept, I came across this article on Audio as Gameplay by Aaron Oldenburg. Good stuff.


Much like The Commons, this game came out of exercises in my Game Design and Play class. For a final exam, I gave my students three 4-sided dice, and one blank white 4-sided die. They were to make a game from those pieces. This is my take on the challenge. It’s still pretty rough and ...

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

I plan on writing more about this later, but I just need to post this now. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller kick ass.

The Games and Literary Theory Conference 2013

Why did I not know about this? I would have loved to have gone. Brought to my attention through the website of Timothy J. Welsh.

Kickstarter Backlash

Clearly, Kickstarter (and IndieGogo, and others) are on to something. It’s enabled some pretty fantastic things to come to fruition, in ways totally not possible just five or ten years ago. It’s fueled some fantastic developments in both digital and tabletop gaming, furthering the current “new golden age” climate. Personally, I’ve been involved with two ...

Dyson Logos

Check out Dyson’s Dodecahedron, a blog with some very cool map content. I’m particularly inspired by his mini-dungeon maps. I’d like to see if I can do a similar thing, filling a Field Notes grid notebook in a couple weeks of lunches.

Robert Smithson’s “Entropy and the New Monuments”

Robert Smithson, most notable for the “Spiral Jetty”, was also a prolific essayist on contemporary art – “Entropy and the New Monuments” (1966)  being one of the most well-known. In it he criticizes a wide swath of sculptors and artists of the time – Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Sol LeWitt, and Dan Flavin. His main ...