Robert Orme

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A short reminisce about a formative teacher.

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Rails Export CSV

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It is stupidly easy to export CSV files from Rails. Nithin Bekal: Export to CSV in Rails

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Walking the Plank


I found this video on YouTube… its from a Miz Kitty’s Parlour here in Portland. It’s a bunch of fun to find old video like this. It totally surprised me how animated Kevin is!

May 23, 2007

In The News


This is a short article about the place I work: Portland Animation Happy in my new digs… note the plastic bag on the monitor to stop the rain!

March 1, 2007

Ruby Rocket Wrap-up


So Sam Niemann‘s short film Ruby Rocket is done. I helped out with colouring and export, and general technical stuff. He started using ToonBoom a little as well, and pointed out the “Paint Unpainted” tool to me. Its great. It takes care of the “Assign unpainted to colour” wish from the previous post. It was […]

February 5, 2007

Departed Friend


On wednesday Jina and I learned that our cat Carroll had been hit and killed by a car on Hawthorne. Two years ago we decided on a lark to go caroling through the neighborhood. It was a bone-chilly night, and we didn’t get a lot of open doors. But at the end of the evening […]

November 3, 2006

Well, This Sucks


This is the fourth day that our cat, Carroll, has been missing.Its been really tough, a low-grade anxiety all day punctuated by great sadness and pain. I know there is still a good chance that he will come sauntering back, but knowing that he doesn’t ever stray very far makes me terribly worried. Luckily, I […]

October 27, 2006

Andrew Bird


Jina and I went to go see Andrew Bird the other day at the Aladdin. Luckily Shawn and Laura were there already, and kindly saved us some seats in the sold-out theatre. A good use of my cell phone. That doesn’t exist. The show was pretty incredible. Not as intimate as the Doug Fir show, […]

September 29, 2006