Just some more preliminary sketches for an illustration.First Sketch Tonal Sketch Color Sketch I’ll keep posting as it progresses.

Photoshop Painting

I’ve been doing some painting in Photoshop recently. It’s been a while — I generally don’t have the need in my regular animation work — so I’ve had to re-learn some stuff. One thing I forgot I knew about was how to make medieval chain mail the easy way. Here’s how: Open a separate document, ...


Found out today.

Whence to pirate?

Recently I’ve been thinking about the benefits of being a pirate. I play bass in a little pirate band for kids, and we’ve been at it for almost ten years. Ten years. We have four albums to our name, and we draw decent numbers for our shows here in Portland. We pour our little pirate ...


So I went ahead and purchased the 4.5 version, and have a little time to keep poking around. I’m interested in the new features, as poking around in the app without reading the documentation doesn’t show a lot of new things happening since v3.5. We’ll see.

Things I Hate About Flash

I don’t hate easily. I’m usually a very forgiving and nice person. I use Flash every day for work, however, and there are things I genuinely hate about it. Maybe someone working at Adobe might read this, give a little pitying laugh, and fix them. But I doubt it. Undo. What nonsense. Half the time ...

Justin Currie, Seen and Heard

Last night I went to go see Justin Currie perform at the Doug Fir. The short of it all is that it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The long of it is: I got there, met my good friend Sarah (who has a quirky face), had a couple of beers, ...

Justin Currie, Portland

Justin Currie is coming to town. He’ll be playing the Doug Fir on May 14th. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time.

In Los Angeles

Well, I’m in Los Angeles on a work trip. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. It’s a little strange trying to fit in with the work crew here, but I’m definitely getting a lot done.

Pen & Ink

So I just discovered the artwork of an american illustrator I’ve never seen before. His name is Franklin Booth, and his work is pretty incredible. I can’t help but imagine how it would look animated. Checking out his stuff led me to Joseph Clement Cole, another fantastic line artists. And then to Mark Schultz. There ...