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So I’m currently running a course for third-year students about how to develop a portfolio. I’m taking a broad, holistic approach to the term “portfolio”, going beyond a visual sample of their still work and a show reel. I’m encouraging (forcing) them to consider their overall media presence — including their contributions to the greater social ...

More Harmony Tutorials

More Harmony Tutorials
I’ve been trying to churn out some more tutorials for Toonboom Harmony, and I’ll be posting them as I go. Here is the first one — a simple one, about masking pupils to eyes.    

In class with James Ernest

In October my game design class were fortunate to get a visit from James Ernest, the eminent game designer and head honcho at Cheapass Games. I had contacted him earlier in the year, and was pleasantly surprised to find he was quite amenable to the idea of a class visit; indeed, he was experienced with ...

Brutally Awesome Article

Jerry Saltz on Art’s Insidious New Cliché: Neo-Mannerism I appreciate how he takes not only the artist, but the educator and curator to task.

Voice Acting

In my work with both game development and contract animation, I often find myself in a position where I have to argue for paying for voice acting. For some reason, clients seem to feel that voice acting is something anyone can do (“can’t you just do it?”), or that it’s an easy skill (and therefore ...

Recording and Equalization

I’ve been involved with the making of records for a while now. I have three CDs I’ve played on. But I still have little idea how to record well —usually we had an engineer like Jeff Saltzman performing magic at the console. Recently I’ve been trying to record on my own, and failing. One thing ...

Hell Freezes Over

So I’m in the process of updating this website. I haven’t had a new website since 2011, I figured it was time. I have also collated several blog attempts, including blogger and tumblr. I wouldn’t be surprised if livejournal entries are in here somewhere. It feels like I’ve consolidated my loans. Anyways, I’m still going. ...

Harmony Rigs, Part 2

And another from the same production, a ghostly princess.

In-class Animation Sample

Little in-class animation sample.

Board Game Development

So I just wrapped up spring quarter at the Art Institute of Portland. A week before the quarter started, I was suddenly assigned to teach “Game Design and Play”, the board game design class. I had never taught the class before, and although there were some existing syllabuses, there really wasn’t anything to go on. ...