Rails Export CSV

It is stupidly easy to export CSV files from Rails. Nithin Bekal: Export to CSV in Rails

Google Docs as alternative to Google Forms

I use Google Drive and related docs pretty extensively. I think they’re pretty good. I also like data. Normalizing data. Massaging it, making it useful and available. Google Sheets do a pretty darn good job of being a spreadsheet. But there are times I want an honest database. A relational one. But with all the ...


So I was involved with the creation of the Midgard fantasy setting from Kobold Enterprises. It was really cool to be involved. I’m continuing with the project by making some maps of specific areas and locations in the world. This is the first one, a town called “Maillon”.I wanted to give a brief overview of ...

Ruby WTF

I just wrote this line in Ruby. It makes my head swim a little. Surely there is a better way of doing this, but I don’t know it.

Photoshop Painting

I’ve been doing some painting in Photoshop recently. It’s been a while — I generally don’t have the need in my regular animation work — so I’ve had to re-learn some stuff. One thing I forgot I knew about was how to make medieval chain mail the easy way. Here’s how: Open a separate document, ...