The Tortoise and the Hare

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As part of her weekly homework, my daughter brings home a board game from school. She’s 5 years old, “Year 1” in NZ parlance. The games tend to be designed along whatever lines they’re teaching at school — usually simple math — and themed almost at random (“this game is about fish! Help the fish count […]

April 9, 2016


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Much like The Commons, this game came out of exercises in my Game Design and Play class. For a final exam, I gave my students three 4-sided dice, and one blank white 4-sided die. They were to make a game from those pieces. This is my take on the challenge. It’s still pretty rough and […]

November 9, 2013

Buried Treasure

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I recently found a stack of 3 x 2.5″ cards — the prototype for a pirate-themed children’s card game I was developing several years ago, back when I was in a pirate-themed children’s band. It was a lot of fun to remember what I was going for with the game, and I think it has […]

June 9, 2013

The Commons

Games, Original Games

During my Game Design and Play class, I’ll often set an in-class assignment to design a game. These assignments come with restrictions, which I use to try to get my students to think about rules and elements in a different way. I also take up the challenge, and sometimes I get something I really like. […]

April 28, 2013