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The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare

April 9, 2016 Off

As part of her weekly homework, my daughter brings home a board game from school. She’s 5 years old, “Year 1” in NZ parlance. The games tend to be designed along whatever lines they’re teaching at school — usually simple math — and themed almost at random (“this game is about fish! Help the fish count…

By Lucashaley

A Magic System Proposal

November 4, 2014 Off

I’ve just finished reading the Kobold Guide to Magic, and it’s very good. I’ve been inspired to try my hand at developing a system of magic for tabletop games. A system of magic has different components, and for the purposes of this exploration I’m going to approach development from the standpoints of mechanics and aesthetics.…

By Lucashaley

Review: Twisty Little Passages

August 11, 2014 Off

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction Nick Montfort 2003, MIT Press I grew up on choose-your-own adventures and Infocom text adventures. They’re in my blood. So I’m a little predisposed to liking things that celebrate them. This is such a book. It’s a pleasantly well-written history of the medium, along the way picking…

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In class with Jeff Grubb

June 25, 2014 Off

Last week my Worldbuilding class had the treat of a guest speaker — Jeff Grubb. He’s one of the grandmasters of tabletop roleplaying, and a prolific author. I was pretty excited that he agreed to come down to talk, as I’ve been playing his games and worlds for almost thirty years. After a pleasant lunch…

By Lucashaley

Review: Uncertainty in Games

June 3, 2014 Off

Uncertainty in Games Greg Costikyan The MIT Press, 2013 This is a good book. It’s short, but I also believe it could be shorter; it has some great information and is a worthwhile read. Costikyan’s basic premise is that a essential feature of games is uncertainty, and that uncertainty originates from several locations: performative, solving,…

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Games as Art

February 17, 2014 Off

Here is an ongoing list of articles addressing the issue of whether video games could be considered as art. Playing Games with Art An interesting piece, not to define games as art, but on the position of games in art. Brian Moriarty’s Apology for Roger Ebert A very well-written explanation of how Roger Ebert’s statements…

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In class with James Ernest

February 14, 2014 Off

In October my game design class were fortunate to get a visit from James Ernest, the eminent game designer and head honcho at Cheapass Games. I had contacted him earlier in the year, and was pleasantly surprised to find he was quite amenable to the idea of a class visit; indeed, he was experienced with…

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