Beyond Erotic, Future Forward, October 2014

Artwork, Graduate School, Showings

This summer I was contacted to participate in a group show, called “Beyond Erotic”. The show description read: By using elements of sexuality or the erotic, artists face challenges when communicating other ideas through this lens. Likewise, the viewer is presented with the challenge of reading through layers of eroticism and sexuality to encounter concepts […]

October 31, 2014

5035586666, Heavy/Light, Disjecta July

Artwork, Showings

My MFA first year group show, Heavy/Light, took place at the Disjecta gallery here in Portland. It’s a beautiful space, a little off  the beaten path, but a great fit for us. My piece, 503558666, is a phone-based experience, mixing modern corporate culture, contemporary art criticism, and classic choose-your-own adventure games.   Creating it was […]

August 29, 2014

Human Interface Guidelines

Artwork, Showings

Human Interface Guidelines is a quick project, made with traditional materials hooked up with Arduino-based hardware. It was made in response to the institutional reverence of art objects placed in conjunction with the cultural reverence of technology objects. It’s ostensibly a rather trite minimalist painting. But when the black paint is touched, the painting produced […]

June 13, 2014

Aumission, The Lodge 11/13

Artwork, Graduate School, Showings

  Aumission Installation The Lodge Gallery, Portland November 2013.   “Aumission” was an audio soundscape , traversed using a customized Xbox controller. Interleaving historical 8-bit audio and realistic quadraphonic sound, the participant is invited to explore the narrative in an nonvisual game.

December 26, 2013

Poetry and Maps

Artwork, Cartography, Graduate School, Showings

Collaborative show with Portland poet and all-around awesomeness Coleman Stevenson. The project was to explore the relationship between poetry and cartography, and how they can relate — how poems can be mapped, and maps can be poemed. There were several pieces, but these two were my favorites.  

September 13, 2013