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Finishing Grad School

May 10, 2015 Off

It’s been a while since my last post. Things certainly have been busy. As of Sunday, I am a graduate from the PNCA Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies program. It’s been an intense two years, studying, making, reading – all the while managing my full-time teaching job at the Art Institute of Portland,…

By Lucashaley

Review: Twisty Little Passages

August 11, 2014 Off

Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction Nick Montfort 2003, MIT Press I grew up on choose-your-own adventures and Infocom text adventures. They’re in my blood. So I’m a little predisposed to liking things that celebrate them. This is such a book. It’s a pleasantly well-written history of the medium, along the way picking…

By Lucashaley

Studio visit with Bean Gilsdorf

January 21, 2014 Off

I just had a lovely studio visit from Bean Gilsdorf. The process of a studio visit is fascinating — two people, who probably have never met each other, get together and talk. Things like that should happen with more frequency. And happen across disciplines. We only had half an hour to chat, so we didn’t…

By Lucashaley

Aumission, The Lodge 11/13

December 26, 2013 Off

  Aumission Installation The Lodge Gallery, Portland November 2013.   “Aumission” was an audio soundscape , traversed using a customized Xbox controller. Interleaving historical 8-bit audio and realistic quadraphonic sound, the participant is invited to explore the narrative in an nonvisual game.

By Lucashaley

Poetry and Maps

September 13, 2013 Off

Collaborative show with Portland poet and all-around awesomeness Coleman Stevenson. The project was to explore the relationship between poetry and cartography, and how they can relate — how poems can be mapped, and maps can be poemed. There were several pieces, but these two were my favorites.  

By Lucashaley