Category: Cartography

Mapping of real, unreal, imagined, and psychological terrain.

Pre-Modern Fantasy Cartography

If I had oodles of time, I would love to investigate the history of maps in fantasy stories and games. They are such an intrinsic feature of the genre, and seem to have gone through some fashions and styles over the years. Tolkien's maps set the tone for many years.

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Poetry and Maps

Collaborative show with Portland poet and all-around awesomeness Coleman Stevenson. The project was to explore the relationship between poetry and cartography, and how they can relate -- how poems can be mapped, and maps can be poemed. There were several pieces, but these two were my favorites.

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Another old map for Kobold Enterprises. From around 2011.

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Maps and Realism

This is a surprisingly interesting article on the role of realism in maps, from the standpoint of the US National Park Service. I approve. Getting Real: Reflecting on the New Look of National Park Service Maps

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So I was involved with the creation of the Midgard fantasy setting from Kobold Enterprises. It was really cool to be involved. I'm continuing with the project by making some maps of specific areas and locations in the world. This is the first one, a town called "Maillon". I wanted…

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