In class with Jeff Grubb

Instructional, Role-Playing Games

Last week my Worldbuilding class had the treat of a guest speaker — Jeff Grubb. He’s one of the grandmasters of tabletop roleplaying, and a prolific author. I was pretty excited that he agreed to come down to talk, as I’ve been playing his games and worlds for almost thirty years. After a pleasant lunch […]

June 25, 2014

Human Interface Guidelines

Artwork, Showings

Human Interface Guidelines is a quick project, made with traditional materials hooked up with Arduino-based hardware. It was made in response to the institutional reverence of art objects placed in conjunction with the cultural reverence of technology objects. It’s ostensibly a rather trite minimalist painting. But when the black paint is touched, the painting produced […]

June 13, 2014

Review: Uncertainty in Games

Games, Review

Uncertainty in Games Greg Costikyan The MIT Press, 2013 This is a good book. It’s short, but I also believe it could be shorter; it has some great information and is a worthwhile read. Costikyan’s basic premise is that a essential feature of games is uncertainty, and that uncertainty originates from several locations: performative, solving, […]

June 3, 2014